Deep in the dark, a quiet star awaits...

A discreet sonic journey.

Based in London, The H. blends mellow vocals with unusual harmonies. Some of his songs are prolonged and lyrical, while others are syncopated. Always, his music layers instruments and textures to create a sense of cohesiveness.

Harmony is the pull, Melody is the push and Groove is the tension in between.

Through songs like “Elusive Memory” and “Postcard From The Moon,” The H. creates an immersive experience. His love for cosmic imagery and frenzied chord progressions produces an honest, destabilizing multisensory environment.

That environment is where he combines quick rhythms with a sense of vastness — this is where the word cosmic comes in — to create an atmosphere that’s at times minimalistic, at times chaotic.

The H. – a dissonant addition to the major scale.

Leading up to the release of his debut EP in summer 2019, The H. has performances booked at venues throughout London, including The Spice Of Life in Soho.

Photography by Michael Robert Williams

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