A whole universe at your door...


Summer has arrived! And with it, a whole bunch of new shades and sounds.

Listen as The H. trades his intimate, dream-infused ballads for some high-octane electro-funk! 

The sun-drenched visuals, with its warm colors and cheeky undertones, are key to this evolution.

Introducing: 'The Greatest Show' (originally 'Wall Of Shame') – an exuberant, yet carefully crafted piece that is bound to bring The H.’s music to new audiences! 

Underneath the layers of Funk, the London-based musician pokes fun at the sadly fascinating world of contemporary art.

“I’m a painter with a crooked brush": he sings with a playful, tongue-in-cheek tone...

But don’t let the irony distract you: 'The Greatest Show' is first and foremost an invitation to Groove.


Earlier this year, NASA announced the discovery of seven
exoplanets orbiting a star “just” 40 light-years away.
Now's the time to celebrate this thrilling hunt to alien life!
Introducing: 'COSMIC DAY', a song about finding your own place in an ever-expanding universe.
Follow the words and let yourself embark on a journey
into the depths of space…

Photography by Michael Robert Williams

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